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James Robinson

Life Outreach International in Dallas, TX. http://lifetoday.org

Thank God for Dr. Leaf, who is able to give such clarity to the complex subject of our brains and how we think, truly helping us understand how our thoughts impact our outlook on life and affect our physical bodies. 'Who Switched Off My Brain?' is fascinating reading with insight into how changing your thinking will change your emotions, your health and, ultimately, your life!"

Matt Crouch

Broadcaster; Filmmaker at TBN http://www.tbn.org

This book is the owner’s manual for how our brains work. Caroline Leaf’s first appearance on TBN’s Praise the Lord program with Laurie and myself is one of the ‘stuck’ memories in my brain. Science in 2013 is actually catching up with the Bible! She has taught us more and more truth over the years now and is in production on an entire TV series that will air on TBN for years!”

David I. Levy, MD

Neurosurgeon; Author of Gray Matter

Caroline Leaf has given us a real jewel, translating modern brain science into language accessible to everyone. She engages, educates, and encourages us to use science and biblical truths to improve our thoughts, relationships, and health. This book is a delight, and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in improving their joy and mental health.”

Bobbie Houston

Senior Pastor at Hillsong Church

I am neither a scientist nor a specialist in this field, but what I do know is that the fruit and influence of Dr. Caroline Leaf’s ministry is inspiring people to see—from a scientific perspective— the genius of God’s timeless Word and wisdom. Each of us is full of untapped potential when it comes to our ability to think and process our way through life. I pray that Caroline’s years of research and passion in this realm of unfolding science will be a blessing to you as you discover what it is to ‘switch on your brain.’”

Robert and Debbie Morris

Pastors of Gateway Church; Authors of 'The Blessed Life', 'The Blessed Marriage', and 'The Blessed Woman'

Dr. Leaf has spoken at Gateway on many occasions, and we’re so grateful for the impact she’s had on our congregation. We’ve seen firsthand how her unique and groundbreaking message changes lives. She understands that your brain is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. We encourage you to act on the wisdom found in Switch On Your Brain and begin the incredible journey of thinking God’s way.”

Darlene Zschech

Singer-songwriter; Author of 'The Art of Mentoring'

Dr. Caroline Leaf’s research allows for tangible understanding of the link between the Bible and the brain and shows us how understanding this develops us both emotionally and spiritually. Her teaching is not only life changing but life saving as it makes the renewing of the mind so real. I am so very grateful for the wisdom contained within these pages. Grow as you read.”

John and Lisa Bevere

Authors; Cofounders of Messenger International

Dr. Caroline Leaf masterfully weaves brain science and the Word of God. Not only will Switch On Your Brain detox your brain, it will awaken your brilliance—so that you can be all that God created you to be and do all he fashioned you to do. Read it and renew your mind.”

Jordan Rubin, NMD, PhD

Author of The Maker’s Diet; Founder of Garden of Life and Beyond Organic

In Switch On Your Brain, my good friend Dr. Caroline Leaf shows us all how the science of thought is catching up with the Word of God. Featuring the 21-Day Brain Detox Plan, Dr. Leaf shares the brain-boosting secrets that she used successfully with thousands of her patients, teaching you how to literally rewire your brain. If you’re looking to improve your memory, your focus, your concentration, or your very life, it’s time to switch on your brain!”

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