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Feb 22, 2016

Male and Female Brain Conference at Coastal Church

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

At a recent relationship seminar at Coastal Church, Vancouver, Dr Leaf discussed the differences between male and female brains, which can be found online at: http://coastalchurch.org/message-archive/dr-caroline-leaf/session-1/

She introduced the 3C's for successful relationships.

Question 1 posed to Dr Leaf:
What motivates male brains and what motivates female brains?
Differences in color recognition
Men follow motion/movement - 
Woman are more detail focused
Differences in terms of hearing: Woman more sensitive to sound

Question 2:
How does the male brain and female brain functionin terms of sexual intimacy?
Intimate touch, loving touch, cutaneous deprivation. Tips about hugging.
The spirit, soul, body link when having sex with your partner.
What is the effect in the brain of having sex with multiple partners.
Gentleness as a result of good sexual encounters.
Sexual encounters outside of marriage.
Mind changes brain. We are spirit, soul, body.

Question 3:
Why is pornography addictive? What is the effect of pornography on the brain/body?
How does one overcome that addiction?
What is the path of freedom?
Addicted to God! Addiction is a learned behavior.
Visual stimulation. Repeated effort. The QZE (Quantum Zeno effect) and addictions.
Fascination with the physical body and sex
Dealing with shame
The help of the Holy Spirit in dealing with pornography
Addictions or toxic thoughts wire dendrites differently. Dendrite remodeling. Memory loss, aggression and other brain damage occurs. The impact on the 'Connectome.'
Change in Cortisol levels. Impact on the blood/brain barrier, affecting the 'hippocampus.' Cognitive decline. Set up for cognitive dementias
What is the difference between female and male brains watching/reading pornography
How do you create a safe environment at home for your children in terms of discussions about sex.

Question 4: 
How do males/females differ in terms of anger and dealing with anger
Examine where you are at when dealing with anger: mindful self-reflection and self-awareness.
The anger circuit in a male brain vs the anger circuit in a female brain.
Males get angry quicker, and calm down quickly. Females take longer to get angry and longer to calm down.
Cortisol level differences
Loving, kind and gentle responses.

Question. Do woman talk more than men? Watch the video for the answer. Visualize steam and ice cube images.

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