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New episodes of the latest season of the Dr. Leaf show focused on Think and Eat Yourself Smart Concepts and Addictions are scheduled to air on TBN at 3:30pm Pacific Time, 5:30pm CT and 6:30pm EST and thereafter every Wednesday.

If you are unable to watch it on your TV, you can watch it online (see: http://www.tbn.org/watch-us/mobile-viewing) or you can watch the replays 2-7 days afterwards on http://itbn.org or http://drleaf.com/broadcast/

TBN UK is Monday 11:30pm and Wednesday 8:30pm.
TBN Europe is Wednesday 3:30pm (Central European Time).
TBN Pacific, our network in Australia, airs the Dr Leaf show on Thursdays at 7:00am and 8:30pm. 

Switch on Your Brain airs on Wednesdays on TBN Africa.

Season 5 - Mind / Brain and Relationships

Season 5: Episode 1 Osteoporosis and the Mind
Season 5: Episode 2 Overcoming Physical Challenges
Season 5: Episode 3 Bereavement and the Mind
Season 5: Episode 4 Brain Injuries; CTE & TBI
Season 5: Episode 5 Neuroplasticity and the Mind
Season 5: Episode 6 Freedom from Eating Disorders
Season 5: Episode 7 Identifying the Perfect You
Season 5: Episode 8 Gangsta Gardening
Season 5: Episode 9 Prayer and Your Brain
Season 5: Episode 10 Thinking Responsibly
Season 5: Episode 11 Marriage and Your Mind
Season 5: Episode 12 Medical Innovation Through Mindwork

Season 4 - Overcoming Challenges

Season 4: Episode 1 Postpartum Depression
Season 4: Episode 2 Surviving Cancer by Using the Mind Pt.1
Season 4: Episode 3 Addiction, Trauma, and Breaking Free
Season 4: Episode 4 Addictions and Epigenetic's
Season 4: Episode 5 Stress and Choice
Season 4: Episode 6 Surviving Cancer by Using the Mind Pt.2
Season 4: Episode 7 Identity: Courage to be Yourself

Season 3 - Think & Eat Yourself Smart / Addictions

Season 3: Episode 1 MAD vs. Real
Season 3: Episode 2 Supplements, GMO's, Food Economics and Biomimicry
Season 3: Episode 3 The Mindset Behind The Meal
Season 3: Episode 4 The Oops Phenomenon.. But Am I Really Helpless
Season 3: Episode 5 Toxic Food Schedules and TV
Season 3: Episode 6 Addiction Is NOT A Brain Disease
Season 3: Episode 7 The Gut/Brain Connection
Season 3: Episode 8 The Best Kept Secret
Season 3: Episode 9 Eat Real Food
Season 3: Episode 10 The Hijacked Brain
Season 3: Episode 11 Proteins, Fats and Your Brain

Season 2 - Mental Health

Season 2: Episode 1 What is Mental Health?
Season 2: Episode 2 Epigenetics
Season 2: Episode 3 The new Science of Stress
Season 2: Episode 4 Disease vs Disorder
Season 2: Episode 5 Addiction
Season 2: Episode 6 Psychiatric Labels Season 2: Episode 7 The Disordered Mind
Season 2: Episode 8 Psychotropic Medications
Season 2: Episode 9 Directed Rest
Season 2: Episode 10 Milkshake Multitasking
Season 2: Episode 11 The Mind and Mental Health
Season 2: Episode 12 Choice and Mental Health

Season 1 - Toxic Thoughts

Season 1: Episode 1 Thoughts are Real
Season 1: Episode 2 Wired for Love
Season 1: Episode 3 Bad Choices lead to Toxic Thinking
Season 1: Episode 4  Stress
Season 1: Episode 5 Pop those Toxic thoughts and renew Your Mind
Season 1: Episode 6  I can't is a decision
Season 1: Episode 7  What lies are you believing?
Season 1: Episode 8  We walk through life with unnecessary baggage
Season 1: Episode 9  Can we control Emotions and Feelings?
Season 1: Episode 10  It is not who you are, it is who you have become
Season 1: Episode 11  What is the impact of Toxic thinking
Season 1: Episode 12  We are designed to bring thoughts into captivity
Season 1: Episode 13  No thought is harmless, no attitude can be hidden

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