Who Switched Off My Husband's Brain (Audio CD)

These are just a few of the fun, fascinating questions answered by world-renowned brain researcher and Christian teacher Dr. Caroline Leaf in this humorous yet scientific audio introduction to the male and female brains.

In this CD, Dr. Leaf discusses what we all know instinctively to be true: God made males and females differently, and from the moment of conception, those differences show themselves in every system of the body and the brain.

Love is the most powerful force in the world! God made us differently to complement each other. So why then are the ongoing communications between males and females often more warlike than love-like? With the flood of divorce and relationship issues threatening the very core of society, now more than ever it's crucial for all of us to understand our differences so we can lead the lives God intended.

In this 20-minute journey through the human mind, Dr. Leaf explores the differences in thought formation and information processing in the male and female brains and discusses how the differences in neurobiology, neurophysiology, and even genetics, influence the very essence of our maleness and femaleness.

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