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James Robinson

Life Outreach International in Dallas, TX. https://lifetoday.org

Thank God for Dr. Leaf, who is able to give such clarity to the complex subject of our brains and how we think, truly helping us understand how our thoughts impact our outlook on life and affect our physical bodies. 'Who Switched Off My Brain?' is fascinating reading with insight into how changing your thinking will change your emotions, your health and, ultimately, your life!"

David I. Levy, MD

Neurosurgeon; Author of Gray Matter

Caroline Leaf has given us a real jewel, translating modern brain science into language accessible to everyone. She engages, educates, and encourages us to use science and biblical truths to improve our thoughts, relationships, and health. This book is a delight, and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in improving their joy and mental health.”

Bobbie Houston

Senior Pastor at Hillsong Church

I am neither a scientist nor a specialist in this field, but what I do know is that the fruit and influence of Dr. Caroline Leaf’s ministry is inspiring people to see—from a scientific perspective— the genius of God’s timeless Word and wisdom. Each of us is full of untapped potential when it comes to our ability to think and process our way through life. I pray that Caroline’s years of research and passion in this realm of unfolding science will be a blessing to you as you discover what it is to ‘switch on your brain.’”

Darlene Zschech

Singer-songwriter; Author of 'The Art of Mentoring'

Dr. Caroline Leaf’s research allows for tangible understanding of the link between the Bible and the brain and shows us how understanding this develops us both emotionally and spiritually. Her teaching is not only life changing but life saving as it makes the renewing of the mind so real. I am so very grateful for the wisdom contained within these pages. Grow as you read.”

Jordan Rubin, NMD, PhD

Author of The Maker’s Diet; Founder of Garden of Life and Beyond Organic

In Switch On Your Brain, my good friend Dr. Caroline Leaf shows us all how the science of thought is catching up with the Word of God. Featuring the 21-Day Brain Detox Plan, Dr. Leaf shares the brain-boosting secrets that she used successfully with thousands of her patients, teaching you how to literally rewire your brain. If you’re looking to improve your memory, your focus, your concentration, or your very life, it’s time to switch on your brain!”

Christine Caine

Founder of the A21 Campaign; Director of Equip and Empower Ministries; Author of 'Undaunted'

I resolved not to let twelve years of abuse destroy my mind and my life; I resolved not to let injustice flourish on this earth and instead to stand up and do something about it; I decided to make something out of my brokenness; I decided to choose to change my mind. Caroline helped me to understand the science behind what had happened in my brain when I made these choices in my life. She explains how our choices work scientifically, but in a practical way that makes something that is really hard to do much easier and more tangible. This book is so helpful that all the girls who go through our A21 program will be learning how to use these principles to help them renew their minds and give them hope so that they can get back into life . . . and change not only their lives but also their world.”

Marilyn Hickey

President and founder of Marilyn Hickey Ministries

Switch On Your Brain is such a marvelous revelation of how powerful the brain is. I love this! So many times we think, Well, this is the way I’ve always been and I can’t change. Not true. No matter how we have thought in the past, we can change our present and future with our thinking. God has told us these things, but Caroline has researched them and proven them scientifically. I believe with all my heart that God wants to soak you in his love and to share the revelation of how to detox your brain from the lies of the enemy and switch it on to the love and truth of God’s Word. Thank you, Caroline, for the years you have spent in study, for your commitment to Jesus, for your humility and wisdom, and for being a wonderful friend.”

Sarah Bowling

Pastor; Cohost with Marilyn Hickey

Caroline Leaf is such an amazing person, and her book Switch On Your Brain is super helpful for everyone because we all need help with our thinking! Dr. Leaf teaches us, in this book, some very essential techniques and insights to help us live a life of peace, health, and happiness. This book will be hugely helpful to you no matter your age or educational background!”

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