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Intellectual Development

If you teach a person to think deeply, they can do anythingDr Caroline Leaf

Dr. Leaf has worked with approximately 100,000 people (patients, students, educators, lecturers, and corporate leaders) over the past 30 years and has reached millions through television internationally. Her research has proven that using her scientifically researched Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® potential cognitive performance can increase by 35%-75%!

The Problem

Information is increasing exponentially, but the skill of how to manage this knowledge is decreasing.  Consequently, there is an ever-increasing gap between the "what" (information) and the "how" (the management of information). This is evident in the increasing problems in schools and universities around the globe.

In recent years, in the attempt to address this problem, several commercial, computer-based working memory training programs have been developed and claim to benefit students suffering from ADHD, dyslexia, language disorders, poor academic performance or other issues. Some even claim to even boost people's IQs. These programs are widely used around the world in schools and clinics, and most involve tasks in which participants are given many memory tests that are designed to be challenging. However, research shows that the short term memory and sensory skills trained in these online games is not necessarily transferred to deeper thinking executive skills.

These Brain training games, apps, and websites are popular and it's not hard to see why - they promise to increase brain power and intelligence, and who wouldn't want to increase brain power and intelligence? In fact, it is hard to spend any time browsing a book store or the web and not see an ad for a website that promises to train your brain, improve your attention, and increase your IQ. These claims are particularly attractive to parents of children who are struggling in school. In fact, they are attractive to anyone who is struggling to focus their attention, concentrate and develop their mind.

However, although brain training games and exercises might improve your working short memory (ability to hold information in your mind), and sensory skills, the latest research shows but they do not improve the kind of intelligence that helps you think deeply, intellectualize, reason and solve problems and make wise choices. 

Therefore, working memory training from brain training games is unlikely to be an effective treatment for children suffering from disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity or dyslexia, according to a research analysis published by the American Psychological Association. 

In addition, memory training tasks appear to have limited effect on healthy adults and children looking to do better in school or improve their cognitive skills.The success of working memory training programs is often based on the idea that you can train your brain to perform better, using repetitive memory trials, much like lifting weights builds muscle mass. Research, however, casts strong doubt on claims that working memory training is effective in improving cognitive ability and scholastic attainment. Various studies show that working memory training does not improve performance outside the tasks  (which are predominantly short term memory exercises) exercised within the training.

A Solution

When we teach a child how to think, we teach them how to learn. Dr. Leafs Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process®  is a researched and scientifically proven program that addresses this problem by teaching children how to think. It goes beyond working memory and into the realm of cognitive ability and scholastic attainment. If a student can think deeply and correctly, they can do anything. In this way they become innovative and effective life-long learners. This translates into a happy student who loves learning; is able to think critically, deeply and strategically; and who is achieving high grades; and who is organized and has purpose.

As such, Dr. Leafs "Switch on Your Brain" learning program is at the cutting edge of brain and learning research because it teaches people how to think, learn, and manage knowledge. 

The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process®

The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® is based upon a new information processing theory of intelligence The Geodesic Information Processing Theory® developed by Dr. Leaf (1991, 1997). This theory is, in turn, based directly on brain research the physiology of the learning process.  The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® builds memory effectively and in an integrated way, strengthens the connections between the nerve cells in the brain to ensure information is retained in memory and ensures consolidation, integration and application of knowledge occurs . Each step  is meticulously designed to stimulate the correct chemical and electrical flow through the brain in the most efficient way possible to guarantee great learning.

Captured within The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® is the same "thinking-to-understanding" mental process which will forever change the way you learn and will stretch your potential to untold horizons.  The IQ score is an incomplete measure of intelligence- snapshot at a moment in time. The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® will enable you to be as intelligent as you want to be!

The Metacognitive-Map 

The Metacognitive-Map, or Metacog for short, is the tool of The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process®. The Metacogis a "brain-friendly" way of writing and capturing the result of thinking visually that looks like the branching of a tree and its leaves. Its pattern and shape are dictated by the pattern and shape of the actual neural network of the memory you are building as you analyze and understand information. So as you think, you build nerve networks and when you write, you are literally putting your brain on paper. As you think you create changes in your brain; as you write in the Metacognitive-Mapfriendly format, you reinforce and strengthen nerve cell connections. You literally grow your brain at will! It is interesting to note that, just by looking at a Metacog, you stimulate your brain to process information from detail to big picture and from big picture to detail, which is vital to building strong memory. In other words the Metacog enables left-right brain synergy. That is why the Metacog is the "tool" that  switches on the brain.

Universal Application 

The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® is for everyone, because we are all learning from birth to death. Therefore, if you are breathing, the process will change your life!

  1. As a preschooler, the 5-steps will help develop correct thinking patterns and make you a "brainy tot"!
  2. As an elementary to high school learner, the 5-steps will help you think and study correctly.
  3. As a college learner, the 5-steps will help you understand and remember all the information you need to do well on exams, as well as manage the large volumes of work.
  4. As a teacher, the 5-steps will help you transfer the required knowledge across to your students' 100% more effectively. It will also help you teach your students "how to think and learn."
  5. As a trainer, the 5-steps will help you decode the material you have to train, as well as provide an effective and proven way of transferring the information across to your learners.
  6. As a corporate professional, the 5-steps will enhance your knowledge-management ability, improve your reading, help you remember what you have read, help you facilitate meetings, and increase your problem-solving and conflict-management abilities.


Reference List


The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® was assessed in a group of charter schools in the Dallas area. The results showed that the students' thinking, understanding and knowledge improved across the board. It was concluded that The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® positively changed the way the students and teachers thought and approached learning. 

To read the full report click on ‘Classroom Results' below.  

Switch On Your Brain® and Switch On Your Brain 5-step Learning Process® are registered trademarks of Switch On Your Brain International, LLC.

It must be noted that the Classroom Results show a general improvement in TAKS and grades scores after the introduction of The Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process®. This is cross sectional data and therefore a causal link can only be hypothesized as stated in the paper. Further research needs to done to assess causation.
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