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Real Food

God the Creator

Spirit, Soul and Body

The Mind

Free Will

About Dr. Leaf

Dr. Leaf’s Qualifications

Dr. Leaf's Approach to the Emotional, Intellectual and Mental Health Aspects of Medically Diagnosed Conditions

What has Dr. Leaf's life's work shown?

A Brief History of Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century

Mind-Action vs. The Disease Model

Recommended Reading-Mental Health

Quantum Physics and the Mind




Thinking Affects Health

The Three Brains

Wired for Love

The Effect of Worship on the Brain and General Health

C-reactive Protein and How Our Bodies React To Toxic Thoughts

Formation of Long Term Memory

The Right Brain Processes the Big Picture and the Left Brain Processes the Detail

The Mind Changes the Brain

The Power of the Brain and Quantum Biology

Chemical Imbalances and Mental Ill-Health

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