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I thank God for Dr. Leaf. You are the backbone to my life...I need you the rest of my life...more power to you and may God bless you more. Amen.


Am just reading your book and was so fascinated by what’s in there I took a break to watch your YouTube channel. Really, really good stuff. Thank God for your wisdom and the connection between scripture and science. You are a blessing to the Church and the secular world too. Thank you! Now back to the book


Your 21-day Detox has changed my life. Last year, around this time, I told the Lord that it would be great if I could find a way to mentally detox as easily as it is to physically detox. A couple of weeks later I was standing in our local library waiting for my kids to check out their books and He told me to pick up the Book Page publication that was sitting on a table. I ignored it, and it got louder. I picked it up, pushed it down into my bag, and went on my way. Later that night, I opened it, saw the advertisement for your book 'Switch On Your Brain' and knew that was what I was meant to see. I bought it and read it, started the detox on my phone, and have never looked back. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for this, and I 'thank God upon every remembrance of you'. A million times thank you.


You have given me the tools to do so much. NeuroPlasticity is God’s miracle. Thank you for your ministry.


Several months ago I went to the doctor, suffering from anxiety and depression. The doctor put me on a few different medications, which gave me terrible side affects. I was crying out to God for help asking Him what to do regarding this depression that I've struggled with for about 5 years. One night as I was watching Joni you were on explaining the brain. I immediately added your book to my Kindle and read the book twice. Then after that, I enrolled in the 21-Day Detox Program; I have had miracles happen just a few days after I started your program. I had no idea that I had such negative thoughts that were so deep and how I just pondered constantly over my sins. I now see healthy new branches growing with healthy replacement thoughts. My goal is to be completely off all medication in the next month. Thank you so much for the truth, Dr. Leaf. I'm so excited to see what the Holy Spirit is going to show me next. The reason I want to be at your meeting is to learn and share this truth with my friends. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Thank you for pointing me to the truth. I also listen to you during the day on YouTube. Lord Bless you, Debbie


I am a huge fan of your teachings, Dr. Leaf. You have truly allowed God to work on me through your messages, and the sturdy Jenga blocks of gratitude have stacked to its highest peak. I believe that you have contributed to helping me overcome all of my mental illnesses. I was once stricken with a mental disorder known as schizophrenia, and was hospitalized in 2011. This was a while before I had first discovered you, passionately speaking of your professions on Life Today with James Robison on TV. As I'm sure you know about the treatment for schizophrenia, that one must take lifelong doses of medication and voluntarily attend support groups. After being released from the hospital, your name stuck with me and I began to researched you more often, greatly valuing your understanding concerning the brain. You've helped me to realize that God is the true mind regulator, and that his Word is better than any support group. I still take meds only to be obedient to my parents, but you've helped me to be sure that if I've ever lost access to all man-made medications, God's word will be a medicine that will one day wash away every one of my mental sicknesses. Thank you so very much. You are like a super hero, wonder woman of God!


I have watched one of your videos and my thoughts started to change immediately. I felt so much better and smoothing in my mind that I am definitely going to purchase WHO SWITCHED OFF MY BRAIN. Thank you so much!


I had left God and the Bible, broken, in the worst part of my life ever. I looked for other spiritual ways how the mind, body, works cause I knew it was real and all connected. When discovering your explanation, how the human brain works, it woke me back up. My faith in both Bible and God, Jehovah, and truth of Christian principles being real after all. Thank you! I am no longer a broken person but healed and on a faithful path, very happy and solid!

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