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My life has completely changed around 7 years ago when I first heard Dr. Leaf on Life Today with James and Betty Robinson. For the first time, things actually made sense to me. I have read and reread many of Dr. Leaf’s books and share with many how their lives can be transformed with her teaching through Jesus. I have seen Dr. Leaf twice in Australia and found a passion for the brain where I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m fascinated by the information she shares and can’t wait to see her again when she comes back to Australia. I have done the detox and found it awesome. So here I am, a fan truly of Dr. Leaf; not sure if that’s right, but hey, I just love her teaching.


I have very recently downloaded, "The Gift in You" e-book. I am so grateful for the, "Gift Profile Questionnaire", that confirmed the correct path of how I am to use my brain for God's glory. I have also been watching some of Dr. Leaf's teaching via various you-tube videos that exist; if the world would just renew their mind (change their thinking) the world would be a different place. Thank you Jesus for Dr. Leaf, thank you Dr. Leaf for linking the word of God with science (no more compartmental thinking!)


Hello, Dr. Caroline Leaf. I have book mark on your bless enlightening book, Switch On Your Brain, The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health and the book mark on spiritually illuminating book, "The Gift In You." Page147. I am refreshing and meditating and pray to the wisdom of Holy Sprit to bless me the power to understand the Renewing of mind when we choose to have the holy word tree of life that bear good productive fruitful thoughts. I pray my family is blessed to have these grace amazing books, to brothers and sister, to nephews and nieces, and family relatives and friends. Dr. Caroline Leaf, you are truly authored bless book and guided with wisdom word of Holy Spirit.


I read your book WHO SWITCHED OFF MY BRAIN, being an overcomer from a closed brain injury just gave me such incentive to study your book! The excitement as I read to connect God’s holy word to your scientific research! He is amazing, and thank you for your hard work to show us just how amazing He is! Please keep writing: I am reading and studying.


For many years, (since treatment for Hodgkins disease and treatment) I have had serious trouble sleeping. The fear of not sleeping has kept me awake and greatly affected the quality of my life. My first 21-Day Detox has addressed this issue. I have tried so many things, until now nothing really worked. Since April, when I did the detox, I have been sleeping well, without those nasty, panic-y thoughts! The next thought project has been to deal with the extreme sorrow I felt whenever I thought of dear family members who had died. I still miss them, of course, but because, I now know how dangerous it is to dwell on the loss, I am able to enjoy memories and look forward to seeing them again. My next project is to retrain my brain in the area of fear of getting more cancer. I am now a survivor of four cancers. The last three are thought by my doctor, to be the result of the radiation treatment I had years ago. Because of Dr. Leaf's teaching, I no longer feel like a victim of my biology. I see that I can greatly benefit from choosing life...hope, confidence, etc. The chapter, "Thinking, God, and the Quantum Physics Brain" has helped me to believe in the "impossible". I love to learn the science that verifies God's word. I share this good news over and over...these teachings have wonderfully changed my life! Thank you ever so much!


Dear Dr Leaf, I probably can't thank you enough for the 21-day Brain Detox program! There were a few issues from my chuldhood that I had been trying to deal with and last year I had a painful breakup which all brought it to surface. I was in pain and my heart was aching. I just didn't know how to deal with it, and also I saw other christians who just couldn't deal with "stuff". I knew God was real and Jesus died for all this, but it just didn't happen in practice. I was studying on the subject of renewing of our minds, understood all of it, of your book was a part of! But understanding the theory didn't take my pain away! Then I came across the program and honestly, I am so thankful I started it! First of all let me say it is God-filled and Holy Spirit-led, and you just feel like what the bible is speaking about renewing our minds just HAPPENS!!! He was tangible, my braincells clearing out was tangible. You are an absolute gift from God, a great example of how God uses people. I am highly recommending this program to people who can't get rid of their "stuff". So good, so powerful! Thank you!!


Dear Dr. Leaf: You have been an inspiration and I appreciate your method for working through toxic thinking. I wanted you to know that you have been mentioned on my blog and will continue to be mentioned as I work through a fear of flying!


Want to say thank you this morning for sharing the work you have done through Pastor Matt Hagee, your books and online. I have really noticed a difference in my ability to a toxic thought, especially recurring ones that pop-ups. I also use the words in Gospel music to help me through the day as well. I work for a company that is very competitive so I am able to apply Biblical quotes often.

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