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Dr.Leaf, Thank you so much for your book Switch on Your Brain. I have been trying to change my life since 1982 when I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, disthymia and alcoholism. As a result of years of help from AA, Biblical counseling, getting a MAMFT, and a lot of persistence and work I have now been sober for 32 years, married for 30 years and work as a psychotherapist. I have been studying all of the elements of your book separately, but you have put them together very graciously - combining faith and science in a way that should enhance my personal and professional life. Grateful for your service,


Just to thank Dr.Leaf for her great book, Switch on your brain. I was introduced to Dr Leaf by a pastor friend who heard me speak on Romans 12:2. I bought the book that same day on my kindle and started reading. It's amazing. Thank God for using Dr.Leaf.

DR Avery M. Jackson III

Dr. Leaf, Thank you for your wonderful work and presentation regarding brain plasticity as constructed by God. I am a Neurosurgeon in Grand Blanc, Michigan. I work at a hospital called Genesys. I recently purchased one of your books as advised by my pastor. My wife and I have really benefited from your scientific work that highlights the Lord's handiwork in how he has given us the tools to change our DNA with a disciplined purposeful thought life. We are grateful to you! We pray for continued success in your scientifice pursuits and ministry.Best regards, Avery M. Jackson III MD FACS


First of all, Thank You! The truth that you have brought into my life has finally set me free of my toxic thought life. I was absolutely blinded by scales and they have been removed by your method! Right behind my toxic thinking was God's passion and purpose burning inside of me. God has laid out a vision for me to bridge the gap in the fitness industry. By applying your principles first and laying a solid foundation of becoming free of our toxic thinking and then linking that with fitness. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life. My hope is to eventually begin running workshops that teach your method of bringing toxic thoughts into captivity and combine them with a workout. That brings me to my question, am I able to use your method? What would that look like? Again, thank you so much for being obedient to the Holy Spirits prompting. You are bringing freedom to the captives!


I just wanted you to know how much God has used your insights to free me from depression and worry. I am taking the LSAT tomorrow, something I had feared as a by-product of not trusting God and not stretching the intellect He has given me. 2014 was a year that my younger brother went to Heaven and my father suffered a near-fatal heart attack. My reactions to grief led me to a place where I was selfish, unmotivated, and worried all the time. I am recovering now, choosing life and working to disintegrate the toxic thoughts I built into my life by daily input of the truth of the Word and living in prayer with the Holy Spirit. I just wanted to encourage you and your staff/team by sharing how grateful I am for your boldness in sharing the truth of God.


I absolutely love all your material on the brain that you have published for us to learn and gain from! It has been a huge help to not only me but my family and friends! I have purchased, I believe ,all of your products thus far and I am currently going through your seminars nearly every day. It takes me hours to go through them because I dissect them writing as much as I can in a notebook.I am confident this needs to be taught in all the churches, so I want to have this information ingrafted in me. I want to walk in this information as an example to all those around me! Again, Thank you!

Sunday. Aha

Your program has opened my eyes to understand the Bible more.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your book....21 day detox. I have read the book and am using the app and am on Day 117! It has helped me enormously connect with Christ and to cling to him for everything. I have struggled with anxiety for the past two years and this program has showed me that I have a choice in what I choose to believe, think about and do. And, that God, Christ and the holy spirit are helping me make the right choice. I was at the Miami airport when I found your book and on the way to a bachelorette party. I stumbled on your book in a bookstore as I was leaving, but I ended up opening your book and reading 100 pages before going to the bachelorette party. Your truth spoke deeply to me, I was crying tears of truth in what I was reading. Thank you!

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