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Apr 26, 2017


Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf


Written by Dr Caroline Leaf

Many diet plans today are principally based on behavioral changes. They all tell us that we need to exercise more and eat better, often with some elaborate plan that feels like someone has just removed the joy from eating and locked all pleasure in a dark medieval dungeon. Yet, as I discussed earlier, our minds are more powerful than our behavior—our minds direct our behavior. The only way weight will come off, and stay off, is through our minds: when we plant healthy food “trees” in our heads, we will eat heathy food in reality.

When we discipline, or renew, our minds, we change how we think about eating, thereby changing the framework of our food choices. The nonconscious mind is very influential in our thinking and choosing, as I have discussed above, but your equally-powerful conscious mind can override the past. Until we build an awareness mindset of how and when to eat, with the correct emotions attached to the process of choosing and eating food, sustainable weight loss will not occur. You literally have to convince your dominant non-conscious level of mind (95% of brain function) by building an automatized, reconceptualized mindset into it, which replaces the reason you have an unhealthy diet, and unhealthy weight, in the first place. You do this convincing; you take charge of your mind. The toxic behaviors of your past do not have to take over your future. You are what you think.

Yet this change is not instant. It takes twenty-one days to rewire neural pathways, and a full sixty-three days to firmly build these new mindsets into your non-conscious level of mind. Any diet that promises instant results should come under our intellectual radar: real, permanent change always takes time and effort. No amount of positively affirming that “I will not eat that ice-cream, even if I had a hard day and feel I deserve it” will succeed single-handedly in the creation of healthy eating patterns. Until the toxic food mindset that dominates your mind is dealt with, you are essentially swimming vigorously against the tide of thoughts in your own head. You are fighting a battle you do not believe you can win.

But you can win. God designed the human mind with an absolutely breathtaking ability to change itself. We can renew our thinking (Romans 12:2). In my book 'Think and Eat Yourself Smart' I  address the techniques for correcting thinking patterns in part three of this book, and you can find more information on renewing the mind scientifically and spiritually in my other products.

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