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Jul 17, 2019

Alzheimer’s: Can It Be Prevented + Tips to Help You Help Someone Who May Have It

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

In my 25 years of clinical practice I worked with a number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the dementias. I have followed the research over the past 30 years, and what has struck me the most about this mystifying and frightening problem is that we still don’t have clear answers, despite the billions of dollars spent searching for causes. The cause and prevention of Alzheimer’s is still a question that comes up at almost every Q&A that I do: is it a gene? Is it inherited? Is it dietary? Is it a brain disease? Is it inevitable?

Jul 10, 2019

4 Tips to Drastically Reduce Anxiety in Your Life

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

It seems like everyone is talking about anxiety these days. But what exactly is anxiety? And is it really possible to control anxiety levels? In this week’s podcast and blog, I will be talking about how anxiety is a signal that we need to listen to, not an illness we need to manage. It is a reaction to life’s challenges, not a biological disease to be treated. Feelings of anxiety are actually warning signs, telling us that something is going on in our lives that needs attention, ASAP!

Jul 03, 2019

Tips to Recognize and Prevent Mental Burnout

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

We have all had those days when we come home feeling exhausted. We barely have energy to eat and get into bed, and wake up almost as tired, and as stressed the next day. Many of us, from time to time, experience burnout: pure fatigue from the challenges of life.

In this week’s blog and podcast, we are going to discuss what burnout is exactly, why it happens, and what you can do to prevent it and deal with it. This is for everyone, especially physicians, teachers, parents of young children, single parents, those juggling multiple jobs and entrepreneurs.

Jun 26, 2019

8 Simple Steps to Build Up Your Stress Resilience

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Let’s face it: we all get stressed, because life is stressful. We cannot avoid stress, BUT (great news!) we can learn how to build our resilience to stress. Stress can actually be good for us, depending onour perceptions! We actually cannot function without stress—it is a natural part of being human, and can help get our brains and bodies ready for action in tough situations.

Jun 19, 2019

Why We Need to Argue More + Tips to Argue Correctly

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Did you know fighting can be good for your mental health? Arguing can be beneficial for both your health and your relationships, IF done correctly. In this blog I am going to give six points on how to argue, and the mental health benefits of arguing well.

Jun 12, 2019

4 Mental Strategies to Turn Your Worst Day (or Week) Around

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

We all had those days when everything just seems to fall apart. As the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours!” I had one of those yesterday—I just couldn’t catch a break! But, thankfully, there are way we can protect our mental health during tough times, which can actually make a bad day, or bad week, better!

Jun 05, 2019

How to Deal with a Difficult Person + Tips to Protect Your Mental Health

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

This week’s podcast and blog was inspired by my own personal experiences dealing with someone who just didn’t want to listen. I recently had friend who was talking to me about being frustrated and upset by her current life choices; she is really struggling to deal with the choices she has made and those of her parents. As a result, she is withdrawing from many of her close relationships and is becoming increasingly aggressive when I try reach out, making her quite hard to be around at times. She tends to snap every time she is misunderstood, and relentlessly pushes her point of view on people. In this blog, I am going to walk you through what I did, and am still doing, to help my friend and improve our relationship.

May 29, 2019

5 Simple and Effective Mental Self-Care Tips Guaranteed to Reduce Anxiety in Your Life and Boost Brain Health: PART 2

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

This week I will continue discussing five more simple and practical mental self-care techniques to keep your brain healthy and reduce anxiety. This is part 2; last week we did part 1.

May 22, 2019

5 Simple and Effective Mental Self-Care Tips Guaranteed to Reduce Anxiety in Your Life and Boost Brain Health

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

There are so many things to worry about in life: being a good friend or partner, making time for family, having a meaningful job, raising your children well, making enough money to live comfortably…the list goes on and on. And, of course, all these concerns and fears impact our mental health, which impacts our physical health, which just gives us more things to worry about!

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