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Aug 01, 2011

Switching on Your Brain with the 5-Step Metacog System

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

One of my passions is teaching people how to think and learn and I have been involved in education in various ways for over 20 years. I know as a scientist that the patterns for adulthood are laid down in childhood. Because of this I firmly believe (and the research backs this up) in not only teaching adults how to reign in unruly toxic thoughts that are messing up their minds and bodies, but in also getting children to think properly-the other end of the spectrum. Thinking and emotions are all intertwined in the learning process and need to be dealt with as early as possible.

In my journey of research and clinical work, I have developed a scientifically researched and proven system based on how the brain works for learning. I call this: “The Switch on your brain® 5-Step learning process”.

We had amazing results using this system in schools and with individuals in South Africa; in some cases up to 35-75% improvement in academic performance! You can see some info on this on my website under education and under media, downloads. This is the reason that I decided to introduce this system into the USA. I have subsequently been working with a charter school group in Dallas over the last two years and we are thrilled at the results this has produced. We decided to post some of the comments we have been getting from the teachers using my system in the schools on our social media networks. These comments have generated questions about what a “Metacog™” is, so I briefly want to tell you about “Metacogs™.

A Metacog™ is a way of writing things on paper and is a tool of the “Switch on your brain® 5-Step learning process”. The “Switch on your brain® 5-Step learning process” teaches you how to think and learn and build memory. So it simplifies school and teaching and any learning. In this way it helps a person become an effective learner and increases their intelligence.

The “Switch on your brain® 5-Step learning process” , of which the Metacog™ is a part, is also a way of stimulating neuroplasticity (rewiring and the growth of brain cells) in the brain making you happier, healthier and more intelligent.

The Metacog™ specifically is a way of writing things down on paper that is more compatible with the way your brain actually thinks, as opposed to writing in lines in the normal linear fashion. So instead of lines, you write in patterns that look like trees with words on lines. This stimulates the two sides of the brain to work together more efficiently, which in turn stimulates brain development. The bottom-line is the Metacogs™ in the Switch on Your brain® 5-Step learning process switch your brain on!

I have a book and DVD set that teaches you exactly how to do the Switch on your brain® 5-Step learning process.

We are so excited about the results that we are now introducing the concept into more schools and educational institutions and we are in the process of creating an on-line “Switch on Your Brain® University”.

We want to get our children thinking again and considering the fact that American thinking and subsequent creativity is declining (Newsweek July 19, 2010) the implications are severe and the evidence is already in front of us; we need to move fast!

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