21 Day Brain Detox Challenge


1. Download the SWITCH app before January 1, 2020

2. Sign up here to receive daily tips to help you on your journey:

3. Join our exclusive facebook group where you can ask questions, interact with other participants, participate in Q&As led by me, and more!


Using the SWITCH app I will guide you through 5 steps over the 21 days giving you specific instructions for each day. The program is designed to help you overcome anxiety, stress, and toxic thinking habits by helping you:

1. Find the root cause of the toxic habit or mental health issue

2. Eliminate the root cause

3. Build a healthy new replacement neural network and thought patterns

Each day will take between 7-30 minutes. In addition to the app, you will receive daily tips in your inbox and in the exclusive facebook group. You will also be given access to live video Q&As led by me.

Joining the challenge is free, but you will need a SWITCH subscription if you do not have one already.

Download the SWITCH App here

For more information, visit www.theswitch.app