21-Day Brain Detox Package (Book + Online Course w/ Redemption Code)

21-Day Brain Detox Package (Book + Online Course w/ Redemption Code)


Purchase Options:

You will receive the book "Switch On Your Brain" and an Offline Redemption Code for the 21-Day Brain Detox. This combination offer saves you $10.00.

Use this Offline Redemption Code to setup access to the 21-Day Brain Detox.  We will ship your book and a physical envelope with instructions and a redemption code for a 1-year subscription* to get setup with the 21-Day Brain Detox Plan online program. If you want instant access to the program you can purchase directly at http://21daybraindetox.com and start your 1-year subscription* immediately. That option does not come with the book.

*All of our online programs are one-year subscriptions that do not auto-renew. If you wish to continue on with the program after your one year, you can purchase a renewal.

About the 21-Day Brain Detox:

You will learn how to detox your thoughts using Dr. Leaf's practical, detailed, and easy-to-use 21-Day Brain Detox Plan. The application is for all walks of life. You won’t forgive that person, get rid of that anxiety or depression, follow that essential preventative healthcare, strive to that intellectual level you know you are capable of, follow that dream, eat that organic food, do that diet, be that great parent or husband or wife or friend, get that promotion, or make other changes to create quality, positive lifestyles—unless you first choose to get your mind right and switch on your brain. After all, the ability to think and choose and to use your mind correctly is often the hardest step, but it is the first and most powerful step.

You will receive the 21-Day Brain Detox program as a redemption code (mailed to you along with the Switch On Your Brain book). The online program requires a valid email address, internet access, and a device with a modern web browser (such as a computer, smart phone or tablet).