Think & Eat Yourself Smart Gift Card for Online Program

This is a gift card for a one-year subscription to use the Think & Eat Yourself Smart online program* that can be used on any smartphone, tablet or computer using a web browser. The gift card will be shipped to you. This program can also be purchased at https://thinkandeatsmart.com.

*All of our online programs are 1-Year Subscriptions that do not auto-renew. If you wish to continue on with the program after your 1 year, you can purchase a renewal.

Raw, vegan, gluten-free or paleo?

Rather than getting caught up in the latest food fad, let Dr Leaf help you understand that each of us has unique nutritional needs, and we have the power to impact our health with the right thinking!

Anyone who is tired of diet plans, struggling with emotional eating, or who simply isn’t satisfied with their level of health will find in this app the key to discovering how they can begin developing a healthier body, brain, and spirit.

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