How to Become More Efficient and Effective in School, Work, and at Life!

When you truly understand how you think and how your mind works, you will learn how to maximize every minute of every day, and, as a result, become more efficient and effective at school, work, and life! You will learn how to make the best of any situation by knowing how to get yourself to focus, pay attention, and concentrate on the task at hand. 

So where do you begin to find and understand your unique thinking?

I want to tell you about my Gift Profile™ that I developed over twenty-five years ago. This tool is a way of gaining insight into the amazing world of thinking, and is the first thing that I would do with my patients to show them the power of their customized thinking. Many of my patients came to me with little to no hope of recovery, and very low self-esteem after taking countless tests from other professionals which told them they had multiple issues. The Gift Profile™ that I developed was a way for my patients to focus on their uniqueness rather than their problems. Once they understood how their unique minds worked and how they build thoughts, they were able to take control of their healing and determine their own success.

I even saw the positive results with my own children! My daughter Dominique always got in trouble because she would look away when trying to concentrate. Often her teachers thought she was not listening and paying attention. When I went through The Gift Profile™ with her, we saw how she uniquely processed information, focused, and built thoughts. Her way of focusing was to look away and visualize the words people were saying! When she was forced to look at people, she struggled to focus, and as a result she struggled to process information. Some people may have assumed she had a learning disability, but in fact all she needed was someone to understand her unique way of thinking, which enabled her to excel academically, and is very successful in her current career!  

Today, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefitted from doing this profile! This Gift Profile™, which you can find in my new book, Think, Learn and Succeed, is not a personality test, because you are not a category; is not like popular EQ (emotional quotient), IQ (intelligence quotient) or SQ (social quotient) questionnaires, because emotions, intelligence and social interactions are complex, unlimited, and varying. They are part of a complex whole and, as such, cannot be reduced—they can only find their true expression in this “wholeness,” which you will identify in my Gift profile™. The Gift profile™ doesn’t put you in a box—it shows you that when it comes to thinking, there is no box.

You can take this short version of the profile to start discovering your own unique way of thinking! For the full profile and explanation of results, pre-order my new book THINK LEARN SUCCEED! 

So how does the Gift profile™ work?

After answering a series of questions, you will get your results which will show you how you process information and build thoughts. No answer is wrong, and a low score does not mean there is a problem. The results simply show you the order of your thinking. In the same way that the several parts of the digestive system have specific roles and specific functions in a specific sequence that allow you to digest a meal, so too does your thinking have specific parts and specific functions in a specific sequence that allow you “digest” a thought and build memory, which become the roots of your words and action, and your realities! And what’s more, your “digestion of thought” is customized to you and you alone: no-one can think the way you do! These realitiesyou build into your mind and in your life impact how you think, learn and succeed in life – you are in control of creating the realities you want to succeed in life! 

But why is it important that you discover your unique way of thinking?

When you learn how to make use of the customized way you think by doing the Gift Profile™, you will feel at peace within yourself, becoming better communicators and improving your personal and professional relationships because you recognize that we all think in unique ways—differences are not a threat. You can make the best of any situation by knowing how to get yourself to focus, pay attention, and concentrate on the task at hand. You will be able to make better decisions, learning how you function optimally in every situation. You will learn how to become more efficient and effective at school and work. You will have a greater understanding of why you should get out of bed in the morning, giving your life direction and purpose. 

Understanding your customized way of thinking is essential, not optional, to the life well lived! 

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