Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf has spent the last 30 years researching the mind-brain connection, nature of mental health and formation of memory. She was one of the first in her field to study how the brain can change with directed mind input (neuroplasticity). Throughout her years of clinical practice, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to use their mind to detox and grow their brain to succeed in every area of their lives including school, university, and the workplace.

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The 4 Main Trauma Responses & How to Recognize Your Dominant One + How to Use Self-Regulation & A Neurocycle to Heal Trauma

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Jul 25, 2021

When we experience any kind of trauma, we can respond to the threat in various ways to cope. We are all familiar with the fight or flight response, but there are actually four main trauma responses, which ar...

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Healing from Abusive Relationships + How to Identify Red Flags in a Relationship & How to Help Someone in an Abusive Relationship

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Jul 21, 2021

The national domestic abuse hotline for the USA is 1–800–799-SAFE (7233). The national child abuse hotline for the USA is 1–800–422–4453. In this podcast (episode #301) and blog, I speak to Ashley Bendiksen...

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How to Respond When You Don’t Get the Response You Want or Need + A Neurocycle to Help Identify & Eliminate the Toxic Assumptions Causing You Mental Distress

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Jul 18, 2021

In this podcast (episode #300) and blog, I talk about how to manage your anxiety when people don’t respond to you, or when you don’t get the response that you expected, and how to navigate the assumptions we...

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Dr. Caroline Leaf’s mission, and the vision of her company, is to make mental healthcare, knowledge about the power of our minds, and tools to improve learning and memory more easily affordable, accessible, and applicable to everyone around the world regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion.