Meet Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr Leaf is a communication pathologist, audiologist and clinical neuroscientist specializing in research in psychoneurobiology. She has published 19 bestselling books in 24 languages, has over 50 million downloads on her award winning podcast, Cleaning up the mental mess, and over 9 million downloads on YouTube. She runs research trials in mental health and publishes in scientific journals. She speaks to diverse audiences around the world including neuroscience and medical conferences and TEDx.

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Dr. Leaf's Research

Clinical Trials

Learn about our clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of the 5 Step Neurocycle Program

Education Research

Discover the 5-Step Learning Process® as it relates to education and effective mind management

Peer Reviewed Articles

Dr. Leaf's Metacognitive Mapping Approach, Geodesic Information Processing Model and more

Scientifically demonstrated to help manage and reduce anxiety, depression, and mental ill-health by up to 81%

NeuroCycle uses Dr. Leaf's scientifically researched and revolutionary 5-Step Learning Process® to help you take back control over your thoughts and life

"For many years, (since treatment for Hodgkins disease and treatment) I have had serious trouble sleeping. The fear of not sleeping has kept me awake and greatly affected the quality of my life. I have tried so many things, until now nothing really worked. Since April, when I did the detox, I have been sleeping well, without those nasty, panic-y thoughts! Because of Dr. Leaf's teaching, I no longer feel like a victim of my biology."

- Beverly

"I just want to let Dr. Leaf know how much her Neurocycle program has helped me. I am on the 19th day of my 2nd cycle and there has been such a tremendous change in my thinking. To be honest I was not sure it would work but this has been truly life-changing. I just want to say Thank You for the work you are doing.I have struggled all my life with anxiety and now to be able to walk in freedom after 58 years is truly a miracle."

- Kim

"I am on day 13 of this program and I can’t believe how much happier I feel. I especially have more joy with my three kids, and am having fun with them again. I was walking in fear constantly in the past. Thank you so much for getting this information out there!"

- Sarah

"This program saved my marriage. It helped me to overcome a lot of toxic patterns I developed over the years. Thank you Dr. Leaf for this amazing program!"

- Joan

"This app is a life changer! I discovered and used this program while I was a police officer. I walked off the job burnt out, depressed and totally broken. This program was a staple in my healing and getting myself back to the job. I’ve recommended it to many."

- Aaron

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Think Learn Succeed Softcover

Think Learn Succeed Softcover


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4 Book Special

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The Perfect You

The Perfect You


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Switch On Your Brain


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