Current Clinical Trials

The purpose of this research study and clinical trials: to demonstrate the effectiveness of the 5 Step Neurocycle Program through the use of the latest brain imaging technology, blood tests and wellbeing scales as an affordable, easily accessible and applicable alternative to psychotropic medication to help relieve mental ill-health problems such as anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts.

Throughout our research trial, we saw significantly positive changes in the experimental group on a cellular level (based on changes in telomeres, the caps on chromosomes), in electrical activity in the brain (based on QEEG-measured changes in the brain), in psychosocial profiling (based on changes in psychological scales and narratives), and in blood tests (including changes cortisol and homocysteine levels). Our results also indicate that there were positive changes in the nonconscious mind (QEEG), conscious mind (LMM), body (telomeres and blood) and the whole person (narrative). The subjects in our experimental group, by using the 5 steps of mind-management in the NEUROCYCLE app, improved their mental health, brain health, blood physiology and cellular health. Preliminary results from our trial also demonstrated a significant reduction in depression and anxiety, through mind-management, by up to 81%, in the experimental group compared with the control group. The experimental subjects were learning how to embrace and make the anxiety and depression work for them and not against them, which is a much more sustainable approach than simply trying to numb or remove emotions and feelings completely.

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