Corporate & Educational Training

Corporate Mental Health Workshops & Seminars 

Every year companies are losing billions of dollars from mental-health related absences. Depressed, stressed, anxious and burnt out employees and teachers are less productive and work quality suffers. So, what is the solution? How can bosses and organizations help reduce burnout, increase resilience and help employees better manage stress?

Knowledge of mental health + sustainable, scalable, and easily applicable mind management techniques developed by Dr. Leaf can help reduce burnout, build stress resilience, improve work performance, and enhance the overall wellbeing of employees, employers, and organizations. 

Topic Examples:

  • Employee Stress Management 
  • How to help employees build stress resilience
  • How bosses need to manage mental health
  • How to help employees improve memory and intelligence 
  • Managing conflict at work
  • Knowledge management techniques to help employees manage and remember all the information needed to perform tasks effectively. 

These seminars are not designed to be short-lived motivational moments; rather, they help create long-lasting improvements in organizations by helping employees and employers take back control over their mental health. 

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Education Workshops & Seminars

Many students today are not being equipped with the knowledge of how to use their brains to their full capacity, while teachers are not equipped with the knowledge to teach students to learn how to learn. Furthermore, teacher and student burnout is at an all time high. 

Dr. Leaf spent many years in South Africa and the United States training teachers and students using her extensively researched 5 Step Program to help develop learning skills, improve memory, cognition, intellect and mental health and test scores, and learning difficulties. Many students saw remarkable improvement in test scores and mental wellbeing using her methods.

Topic Examples:

  • How to correctly build memory
  • How to help teachers with stress management
  • How to improve focus 
  • How to mange student mental health
  • How to manage teacher burnout 
  • How to learn effectively

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