How to Fall Back in Love with Yourself & Find Your Identity

In this podcast (episode #351) and blog, bestselling author, podcast host and holistic meditation and wellness teacher Kimberly Snyder talks about connecting to your true self, realizing you are more than enough, and creating the life you deserve! 

In her new book You Are More Than You Think You Are, Kimberly talks about the importance of connecting to the true self to hone your intention and live a more fulfilled life. This kind of enlightenment is not some “woo woo” thing. It is a path to living with more freedom and awakening. It can help us deal with everyday challenges, such as being triggered or feeling like we are not enough, which keeps us on a path of creating and living the life we deserve.

Kimberly’s new book teaches you how to shift your belief system, work towards your deepest dreams and desires, and create an epic, successful, and inspiring life through everyday enlightenment. It teaches you how to become the author of your own uniquely wonderful story. In You Are More Than You Think You Are, you will learn so many great life skills, including how to: 

Let go of the fears that hold you back from living your best life
Clarify your true life purpose and get on the path toward it
Use your unique gifts to attract opportunities and create lasting abundance
Supercharge your health and vitality by letting go of what doesn’t serve you
End that feeling of needing to “fix” yourself and finally feel whole

As Kimberly points out, just because we think we aren’t enough, doesn’t mean this is true! Unfortunately, many of us are over-identified with the ego, which can impact our self-confidence. We tend to think of confidence in terms of what we do, how much money we have, what we look like and so on. But true confidence comes from the deep understanding that “I am that I am”—the realization that we are a unique, breathing, wonderful creation of spirit. Our self-worth should not just be tied to external things like what we look like. This kind of confidence comes from balancing outer and inner practices, like first getting in touch with your inner self before just going on social media or your emails as soon as you wake up. We can’t make great changes unless we harmonize the “here” first—us in the moment, connecting to the deepest parts of ourselves!

One great way to harmonize the here and now is to get into the “gaps”, which, as Kimberly discusses in her latest book, helps us find stillness and connect back with our true selves. A gap is a moment or pause to help us be less reactive. It teaches us to pause between thoughts and go deep into our centerOne way we can embrace these “gaps” is to close our eyes and focus on the inhaling and exhaling of our breath, in counts of 4, while holding on the pauses between these breath counts. The true stillness happens in between the inhales and exhales when we are simply not doing anything. Harnessing this pause is so powerful because it is the building block of inner peace, which can expand into every area of our lives. Often it is the small, practical changes we make in our everyday life that can change our story!

We need to understand that the true self is something that we experience, not just something that we intellectually understand. Until we are anchored in the true self, our behavior will always be unreliable, which is why so many people experience a divide between who they know they are and what they do and say.

The same is true for what we mean by “abundance”.Abundance means showing up in the fullness of the moment without lack, without looking at what is missing. The more we connect to our true selves, the more abundant our life will feel. It comes from the inside out, not the outside in—it is a state of plenty that comes from your true self.

You can practice this abundance by sitting and focusing on the heart and generating feelings of fullness—of life overflowing. As you do this, it may be helpful to have some images or memories you can draw on to self-generate these emotions. This helps you become less dependent on something outside of yourself to generate the energy you want to feel. You can imagine this energy radiating out from you in all directions, filling you up. This is a great way to start off the day after meditation, or a great practice to do when you are feeling down during the day.

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Podcast Highlights

2:50 Why Kimberly wrote her new book 

8:30 The power of finding yourself  

9:20 Why you are more than you think you are  

11:00 What enlightenment means 

12:00 Love versus fear 

17:00 What true confidence is

23:50 The importance of creating “gaps” in our lives  

34:10 Bridging the divide between who we know we are & our behavior 

47:30, 50:20 What an abundant life looks like

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