How to Improve Your Memory

Why do we remember some things and forget others things? Is there a way of improving memory? How do I learn? How can I be more effective in my business meetings, at work, and in life in general? Does my memory just get worse as I get older? Can I prevent this from happening?

These are just some of the questions I get asked often. Indeed, who doesn’t want to get smarter, improve their grades, or get recognition at work? Over the past thirty years, I have found that to answer these questions involves an incredibly important aspect of mental self-care which I called “beyond mindfulness”.

What is beyond mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is the ability to bring attention to one’s self-awareness, to recognize how you are thinking or feeling at any one moment. However, going beyondmindfulness means that you redirect the calm, organized, and insightful state gained from mindfulness into an extremely productive knowledge-gaining process, a process which helps boost your memory, your ability to reason and succeed in every area of your life. 

By using the 5-step learning technique I have developed and speak about in my new book, Think, Learn, Succeed, you will train your brain to grow effective and useful memory networks that can help you get a A+ on that exam, pass that new management course with flying colors, get that degree or accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You will be firing up your mind to think, learn, and succeed! 

What is the 5-step learning process?

It has been collectively demonstrated that just about every aspect of our thinking, learning, and intelligence—our brainpower—can be improved by intense, targeted, deliberate mind training. In short, hard work and deep thinking are essential to success in life. The Switch On Your Brain with the 5‑Step Learning Process® provides a technique for this kind of organized drive, pushing your forward and harnessing the power that is in your incredible mind.

The 5 steps are:

1. Input: read, listen, watch

2. Reflect: ask, answer, discuss

3. Write: create the Metacog™

4. Recheck: check for accuracy

5. Output: reteach 

The process of going through these 5 steps in order draws on an intersection of memory research, neuroscience, quantum biology, cognitive neuropsychology, language and communication, neuropsychology, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, quantum physics, and intelligence research, based on my clinical practice and research. It plays a vital role in the building of strong, lasting memory, which is at the heart of the learning process.

By using the Switch on Your Brain with the 5‑Step Learning Process®, you are activating your thinking to create useful memory that helps you accomplish your goals in life, whether at school, the workplace or at home. You won’t just learn to pass a test or make your boss happy or get that promotion, you learn to use your mind to help you achieve true and lasting success in every area of your life. 

This blog is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. We always encourage each person to make the decision that seems best for their situation with the guidance of a medical professional. 

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