Want to Improve Your Health and Increase Intelligence? Have a Community Mindset!

Considering the polarized nature of society today, it is often difficult to know how to build community in our own neighborhoods. 

Why is loving our neighbor important? Why should we care? Is community a necessary part of our mental and physical wellbeing?

In my new book, Think, Learn and Succeed, I talk about how a community mindset can help us succeed in life. 

Human beings are social animals. Whether we like having alone time or not, we all need community. In fact, engaging positively with people in our social support network correlates with a number of desirable physical and mental outcomes. Community involvement has been associated with mental health and cognitive resilience, reduction of chronic pain, lower blood pressure, and improved cardiovascular health. In fact, loneliness increases the risk for premature mortality among allages, making it a growing public health hazard!

The more removed we become from human connection, the more potential there is for us to turn to the fantasy world as a replacement to reality, rather than using our imagination as a tool to create successful, and satisfying, lives. This often leads to long-term social isolation that can dramatically affect our health and reduce our lifespan.

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