Why it's important to question our beliefs & biases

In this podcast (episode #477) and blog, I talk to top podcast host and international bestselling author Shawn Stevenson about his incredible healing journey, the mind-brain-body connection, the importance of holistic approaches to medicine, and why it is always important to question what we believe. 

When Shawn was 20 years old he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, which many health professionals consider to be incurable. However, Shawn decided to not let this be the end of his story. Based on his grandmother’s belief in him, he put a plan together to change his lifestyle, including what he ate and how he exercised, and over the course of several months, he transformed his health. In fact, through his efforts, he could regenerate a significant amount of his spinal tissue, and his two herniated discs had retracted on their own! As Shawn notes, a medical label doesn’t have to define all of who we are or our whole story.  

Shawn knew so many people like him were struggling to find the answers to their problems. This is why he has made it his mission to reach and serve as many people as he can, which led to the creation of The Model Health Show—a podcast that reaches millions of listeners each year. 

As Shawn points out, we are walking around with one of the most powerful pharmacies in the universe: the human body. Our perception of ourselves and our world can transform our health—our mind and our thinking has a lot to do with how healthy we are.

This is why, when it comes to our wellbeing, it is good to be open to other avenues of healing, especially if traditional medicine is not working for us. Although modern advances in medicine have helped so many people, we do still have so much to learn. And, if we just focus on “we can’t”, we may miss the moments when we actually “can”, including changing the way we think, eat, and exercise to heal the mind and body. 

Even in allopathic medicine, we must consider the full person and the mind-brain-body connection. As Shawn notes, it’s more important to know what sort of person has a disease than what disease a person has. 

This includes questioning our own beliefs and biases and learning how they affect the way we understand health and wellbeing. One of the most important things we can ask ourselves is “What if we are wrong?” Regardless of how much we know or how many years we have studied, there is always room to learn and grow.  

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Podcast Highlights 

0:45, 12:00 Shawn’s amazing health journey  

19:30 The power of changing your environment 

25:00 The importance of understanding the whole person & holistic approaches to healing  

33:00, 36:10 Why it’s important to question our beliefs & biases 

46:35 Why the way we study health needs to change  

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