3 tips to rebuild trust in relationships

In this podcast (episode #528) and blog, I talk about ways to build trust in your relationships.

Building trust is essential for healthy relationships, whether they're romantic, friendships, family, or professional connections. Here are three trust-building exercises that can be applied to various types of relationships.

1. Active Listening and Sharing:

This exercise focuses on improving communication and empathy, which are fundamental for building trust. 


  • Choose a comfortable and quiet space for a conversation.
  • Take turns being the speaker and the listener.
  • The speaker shares a personal experience, thought, or feeling, while the listener actively listens without interrupting or offering solutions.
  • After the speaker finishes, the listener summarizes what they heard to ensure they understood correctly.
  • Switch roles and repeat the exercise.
  • This exercise encourages openness, vulnerability, and deepens understanding between individuals, leading to increased trust and connection.

 2. Collaborative Problem Solving:

Working together to solve a challenge can strengthen trust and cooperation within a relationship.


  • Identify a challenge or problem that requires joint effort to resolve.
  • Brainstorm potential solutions together, encouraging all participants to contribute.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each solution as a team.
  • Choose a solution collectively and set a plan for implementing it.
  • This exercise fosters teamwork, demonstrates commitment, and showcases each person's willingness to work together for a common goal, enhancing trust and cooperation.

3. Appreciation and Gratitude Sharing:

Expressing appreciation and gratitude helps foster positive feelings and reinforces the bond between individuals.


  • Set aside time to sit down with the person you want to build trust with.
  • Take turns sharing specific things you appreciate about each other or moments when the other person's actions made a positive impact on your life.
  • Be sincere and specific in your expressions of gratitude.
  • Sharing appreciative and thankful sentiments can create an atmosphere of positivity and affirm the value each person brings to the relationship, promoting trust and mutual respect.

Remember that building trust takes time and consistent effort. These exercises are designed to facilitate connection, communication, and understanding, which are essential foundations for trust. Adapt these exercises based on the nature of your relationship and the comfort level of those involved.

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Podcast Highlights

0:20 Why trust is so important

0:40 Rebuilding trust in relationships 

1:30, 3:50 Ways to improve communication & empathy in relationships   

6:18 How to problem solve in a relationship 

9:40, 12:21 How gratitude & appreciation build trust 

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