Healing Depression & Burnout with Michelle Williams + How to Help a Child Struggling with Depression

In this podcast (episode #285) and blog, I speak to my dear friend and award-winning singer Michelle Williams about her new book, Checking In, and how to manage periods of intense depression. 

Michelle’s incredible book has 3 main pillars: checking in with ourselves, with others and with God. As she notes, when we check in with ourselves and others about how we are doing on a regular basis, we can start taking our power back…we can start writing our own story!

This includes acknowledging our own feelings. Often, when someone is dealing with depression, they think it must look a certain way, and they should act a certain way. They know it feels like depression, but assume that it’s not. They may guess that they are just tired, overworked, hormonal, or overthinking the problem. The thing is, we all act differently and experience depression in different ways. There is no one way to be “depressed”—if you feel down, these feelings are valid and need to be acknowledged. If you are struggling, it is important to give yourself the permission to take the time to check in with yourself and how you are doing.

Indeed, you should never be ashamed to talk about how you feel and confide in your loved ones. Not talking about how you feel and just trying to go about life will only make things worse—what we suppress will explode in other areas of our life! We can’t deal with or heal something if we don’t acknowledge it. 

The same goes for the people in our lives. We should never judge people based on how they seem to appear on the outside. Remember, depressed people can look successful and happy on the outside and still feel down!

We also need to check in with our kids on a regular basis. Our children need hugs more than “stuff”! Unconditional affection is so important for a child’s mental and emotional development, and will help set them up for success as adults.A child should never feel like they must perform to be accepted. Make sure you are constantly checking in with your child, which will show them that you care about how they feel, not just what they do. 

And, as Michelle notes, watch what you say about yourself! Constant negative self-talk will change the way you think about yourself, talk to yourself and act towards yourself. Check in with yourself, acknowledge how you feel, but don’t shame yourself for being human!

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Podcast Highlights

2:30 Why Michelle wrote her book Checking In

7:00 Why depression will look different for everyone

7:50 The importance of talking about how you feel

9:40 How parenting styles can be passed down through generations and affect children’s mental health 

17:45 The importance of giving children affection without conditions

20:00 The power of healthy, loving touch 

28:30 Why forgiveness helps you heal

33:28 Michelle’s own mental health struggles  

36:40 Why we need to give ourselves permission to take the time to check in with ourselves 

39:22 Why depressed people can look successful and happy on the outside

41:00 The danger of negative self-talk 

48:00 How Michelle manages her own mental health 

52:00 How our relationships can reflect how we feel about ourselves

This podcast and blog is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. We always encourage each person to make the decision that seems best for their situation with the guidance of a medical professional. 

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