How to eat smarter with Shawn Stevenson

In this podcast (episode #525) and blog, I talk to health and fitness expert Shawn Stevenson, creator of The Model Health Show (one of the top health and fitness podcasts), and author of the bestselling book Eat Smarter, about his new cookbook and how eating meals as a family can improve your mental and physical wellbeing.   

When Shawn was 20 years old, he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, which many health professionals consider to be incurable. However, Shawn decided to not let this be the end of his story. Based on his grandmother’s belief in him, he put a plan together to change his lifestyle, including what he ate and how he exercised, and over the course of several months, he transformed his health. In fact, through his efforts, he was able to regenerate a significant amount of his spinal tissue, and his two herniated discs retracted on their own! 

Shawn knew so many people like him were struggling to find the answers to their problems. This is why he has made it his mission to reach and serve as many people as he can, which led to the creation of The Model Health Show—a podcast that reaches millions of listeners each year, and is the reason he wrote his bestselling book Eat Smarter and the Eat Smarter Family Cookbook. 

As Shawn points out, we are walking around with one of the most powerful pharmacies in the universe: the human brain and body. Yet starting a new health journey is often daunting, especially as there is so much information out there. What should we eat? How should we exercise? What should we do to be healthier mentally and physically?  

In the Eat Smarter Family Cookbook, Shawn shows how simple changes to our environment and eating more often with people we care about can have a tremendous impact on our food choices, metabolic health, mental health, and so much more! He expands on his bestselling Eat Smarter with 100 delectable recipes with radically upgraded ingredients that are fit for the whole family. Inside, you’ll find recipes like Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes, Supreme Salmon Burgers, and Avocado Fries that offer a healthy and mouthwatering twist to old classics.

Each easy-to-prepare recipe is designed with nutrient-dense ingredients that will transform your body from the inside out. Complete with sample meal plans, mind-blowing food facts, and tips to transform your family’s kitchen, Eat Smarter Family Cookbook has all the recipes and tips you’ll need to upgrade your food choices and, ultimately, transform your health and the health of your entire family. 

As Shawn notes in his book, “social connections are the key controller of our food choices, eating habits, and, ultimately, our health outcomes. Eating meals together with friends and family is about so much more than nutrition—“building and maintaining strong social ties with loved ones provides the ultimate health defense”. 

Indeed, research has shown that the number one factor relating to longevity is the quality of our relationships. Who we spend time with and who we share our lives with has a dramatic impact of our health and wellbeing. And the meal table provides a perfect place for us to gather with those we love; sharing food is not only an age-old human custom, but also a powerful way to improve our health and longevity. Paired with wholesome, nutritional meals, eating together with friends and family can have a dramatic, positive impact on your wellbeing, right down to the level of your genes! 

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Podcast Highlights 

1:30 Shawn’s amazing new cookbook 

2:12 The connection between social & nutritional science 

2:40 Shawn’s amazing story  

10:00 How our environment can impact our health choices  

14:10 How a poor diet can impact our health & longevity 

16:40 The importance of our environment & relationships 

19:00 The power of sharing a meal  

20:00 The science behind eating together 

32:00 How modern food choices impact our health 

40:00 How real, whole foods can change our physical & mental health  

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