How to reinvent yourself when you feel stuck in life

In this podcast (episode #509) and blog, I talk to good friend, top podcast host and performance coach Craig Siegel about discovering more about ourselves, living an authentic life, embracing our full potential, and so much more! 

In his amazing new book, The Reinvention Formula: How to Unlock a Bulletproof Mindset to Upgrade Your Life, Craig walks us through the exciting process of fundamentally redefining our identities and how we choose to show up in the world. He explores lasting lessons, stories, and strategies drawn from his popular podcast where he has interviewed countless celebrities, athletes, thought leaders, and bestselling authors, and gives us strategies for eliminating negative, unproductive thoughts and replacing them with constructive new beliefs that drive incredible results in our personal and professional lives. 

In this book, Craig also talks about his own story. When the pandemic happened, Craig felt guided to leave his lucrative job on Wall Street and went all in with his passion and purpose to help people upgrade their mindset and fulfill their potential. Craig’s unique combination of energy, motivation, inspiration, charisma and business success has led to the incredible rise of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a contagious movement that has impacted millions of lives worldwide. 

As Craig notes, “Removing limiting beliefs is the key to success in all areas of life.” He has made it his life’s mission to “help people release the negative beliefs they have cultivated over time and implement positive and constructive thoughts, which then create powerful and positive beliefs which change their behaviors and ultimately, create brand new results in their relationships, business, and all facets of life.”  

Indeed, when Craig made this career shift, he redefined his understanding of success. He realized that success is less about what you have to do and more about who you want to become. The key question is: “Who do you have to become to pursue your passion and purpose?” When you dedicate your time and energy to working this out, you can create the life that you desire. You can share your gifts with the world, make a difference in people’s lives and leave a legacy of your own when you know who you want to be—your identity.  

As Craig notes, “most people are here for more than what they’re currently doing. I wanted to give them the tools and tricks needed to reinvent themselves, and step into all that’s meant for them. I spent years investing in a story that I wasn’t enough, and that made me miserable, anxious and depressed. I finally realized that I had a choice: I could choose a new story. I married my passion with my purpose, and everything changed.” 

Craig has learned that reinventing your life is about more than just having dreams and wanting to change. You have to: 

  • Pay attention to your vision. This needs to be more specific than just a dream. What do you want to do with your life? Why? What do you want this to look like?
  • Act. Intention should always be followed by organized, inspired action. You cannot just sit back and wait for things to happen. How are you going to reinvent your life? How are you going to rewrite your story? What are your strategies and tactics?
  • Have a good mindset. Being physically fit is important, but it is also important to focus on your mind; what is your mental fitness like? Start by finding something that inspires you and puts you in a better place, where you will be much more likely to take inspired action. 
  • Build a community. A community is loyal and engaging; they are attracted to you as a person. If you reinvent yourself, they will follow and support you as you start your new life journey.

Reinvention is, at its core, about cultivating clarity and removing limitations so that your life starts aligning and moving in the direction you want to go. But what happens if you don’t know what your passion is? What happens if you don’t know where you want your life to go? Craig recommends doing two things: 

  1. Getting quiet. Connect to yourself and block out the noise. Practice mindfulness to get in touch with who you are, who you want to be and what you want in life. If you are battling to do this, start by making a list of 10 things you really love and 10 things you are really good at. Find common ground and think of ways to marry what you love to what you are good at. Even if something doesn’t work out, you will learn more about yourself and what you want, and will gain more clarity into your life and what drives you.
  2. Setting a vision. Take an idea, make it a possibility, and turn it into a probability through action. Focus on doing a little bit each day to get that much closer to your dream. What do you need to learn? How do you actually get from A to B? What content do you need to put out? What do you need to pay attention to? If something doesn’t work, collect and analyze the data and figure out what you can do differently. Over time, this will begin to build up, and great things will begin to happen! 

This will of course look different for different people. We are not all meant to be on the same journey, and success doesn’t just look like one thing. Try not to compare your journey to others. Yes, learn from what other people do, but tune into yourself and define your own story. And, remember, it is never too late to change or pivot your direction! If what you are doing isn’t working for you, then think of how you can redirect your life and move in a different direction.  

This doesn’t mean just dominating in one area of life. Success means going for it all, in all areas of your life: your career, your relationships, your mental health, your hobbies. It is more than just a paycheck or a great job. Success is a life that you don’t have to take a vacation from.

For more on embracing your full potential and pursuing your passion, listen to my podcast with Craig (episode #509) and check out his amazing work. If you enjoy listening to my podcast, please consider leaving a 5-star review and subscribing. And keep sharing episodes with friends and family and on social media. (Don’t forget to tag me so I can see your posts!).        

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Podcast Highlights  

2:10, 31:00 Craig’s new book The Re-Intervention Formula

4:00 Paying attention to the process not just the results 

5:20 Intention should always be followed by organized action 

6:45 What reinventing your life means 

9:00 What to do when you don’t know what your passion is 

18:05 We are all different & have unique paths in life 

20:55 It is okay to pivot & change direction in life 

23:25 How limiting beliefs can hold us back 

27:30 The importance of a good mindset  

33:36 The power of community  

36:00 Enhancement versus competition 

42:40 What it means to be successful in life  

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