I Need Your Help to Fix Our Broken Mental Health System!

The Problem 

Through my 30 years of research and clinical experience, I have observed how the approach to people battling with mental distress, learning issues and/ neurological damage has gone from helping the person to identify the cause (within their context) and learn how to reconceptualize and manage this, to treating humans as biological automatons with symptoms and locating all problems "between the ears.”  I watched as the DSM created more and more categories medicalizing the human condition, and I watched as an “industry” of mental health began convincing people that they were diseased if they felt sad or unhappy, if they moved around a little too much in the classroom or if they were bullied and felt depressed. I saw people experiencing normal human emotions get labelled and drugged with brain-disabling substances as though they were abnormal in some way. This has led to the large-scale dehumanizing mismanagement of mental health, with more and more people suffering from mental distress, and more and more people dying from preventable lifestyle diseases. But we are not machines with broken parts; we are human beings who experience life, with all its hardships and unmet expectations. 

Our Research 

As a society, we desperately need to re-examine how we understand and describe “mental health”. We have to reconsider the way we help people who are going through difficult times. We have to stop placing blame squarely on the shoulders of the individual who couldn’t escape the flames of their life, and start looking for sustainable, long-term solutions that help people deal with the vagaries of life. 

To this end, I have spent the past three decades working against this metanarrative of the diseased brain by showing individuals that they have uniquely brilliant minds, that they can control their thoughts and emotions, that anyone can learn how to activate the resilience of their mind and succeed in life, andthat we can all build new memories and increase our intellectual performance. In short, throughout my career I have taught people that not only can they manage their mental health, but, when they learn how to use their minds, they can overcome whatever life throws their way and achieve success in every area of their lives.

Our current research project is based on my previous research and work, as well as the expertise of several highly-qualified neurologists, neuroscientists and medical practitioners. Our goal is to further demonstrate the effectiveness of the 21 Day Brain Detox™ with the Switch On Your Brain 5-Step Learning Process®, which is based on my research and clinical experience. Through the use of the latest brain imaging technology, blood tests and wellbeing scales, including a validated 21 day questionnaire wellbeing scale, we seek to provide an affordable, easily accessible and applicable technological self-help tool as an alternative to psychotropic medication to help relieve mental ill-health problems such as anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts.

What is the 21 Day Brain Detox™ with the Switch On Your Brain 5-Step Learning Process®?

The 21 Day Brain Detox is based on Dr. Leaf’s scientifically researched and proven revolutionary 5-Step Learning Process®. It helps individuals take back control over their thoughts and their lives. The program allows an individual to work consecutively on one thought pattern through 21 days. This 5-Step Learning Process® is designed to take advantage of a particular brain process—all collectively moving toward the goal of learning to think well.

These steps provide a technique to help identify, face, process and manage the intrusive toxic thoughts that are causing distress, including symptoms of anxiety and depression. This approach recognizes that the sufferings of life cannot be medicalized, but are part of a person’s story and need to be processed and reconceptualized. It is an audio verbally guided process using a mobile application to help the subject to reconceptualize the toxic thoughts into healthy thoughts, and to automatize the newly reconceptualized thoughts. This process a person identify a toxic thought, break it down, and build a healthy new replacement thought and habit.

Each step of the 21 Day Brain Detox™with the Switch On Your Brain 5-Step Learning Process® is meticulously designed to stimulate the correct chemical and electrical flow through the brain in the most efficient way possible to guarantee great memories and, therefore, great mental health. Captured within the 5-Step Learning Process® system is a “thinking-to-understanding” mental process which will forever change the way you think, and will stretch your potential to untold horizons. This approach is solidly based on the latest scientific research on the neurological and neurophysiological functioning of the brain. It draws on the neuroplastic (ability to change) character of the brain, and is designed to take best advantage of the symphony of electrochemical reactions and actions occurring in the brain at a rate of 400 billion per second!

How can You Help?

We believe this project will provide the initial evidence required to allow us to start the process of reclaiming our broken mental health system. However, testing and research groups are very expensive. Please consider a financial contribution that will help create life-affirming change in our world! We are committing 100% of all donations toward the funding of this project!

For more information see: https://www.drleafresearch.com. To donate click here: https://www.drleafresearch.com/donate

Other ways you can help:

Share this project on your social media by copying & pasting the website link https://drcarolineleaf.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jthtihkt-kitdukdkuu-h/ or video link https://drcarolineleaf.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jthtihkt-kitdukdkuu-k/.

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