Spermidine: What It Is & How It Can Help Your Mental & Brain Health

In this podcast (episode #431) and blog, I talk to Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, founder and chief medical officer of the Boulder Longevity Institute, about cellular medicine, how we can heal our mental and physical health, the importance of cell renewal, why Dr. Elizabeth is a fan of the supplement spermidine, and so much more!

As a double board-certified physician in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Elizabeth has more than 30 years of clinical experience and continues to stay at the forefront of orthopedics, cellular medicine, regenerative medicine, and the future of aging.

Dr. Elizabeth’s work is centered around cellular medicine: helping people truly heal at a base level from a holistic perspective. This is why she helped found the Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI). “Working as an orthopedist in a traditional healthcare practice, Dr. Yurth saw how the limitations imposed by these traditional models led to a fragmented and single-minded approach to treating patients that was neither fulfilling nor effective. It often takes years for the latest science and research to make its way to clinical application, and BLI believes in bridging that gap by offering their clients the most cutting-edge, science-backed treatment options in a guided, clinical environment.” At BLI, their approach to healthcare “involves looking at the cellular pathways and behaviors that cross over multiple systems. In other words, the root cause of the root cause.” They are passionate about addressing health issues at their source, teaching other medical professionals to do the same, and helping people find true and lasting healing. 

But you don’t have to wait to see a specialist to start improving your cellular health today. According to Dr. Elizabeth, alongside healthy short-term fasting, one great way to support your health and healing on a cellular level is by taking spermidine, is “a unique, naturally occurring molecule, part of a group of molecules known as polyamines. Polyamines interact with our cells to perform various critical metabolic functions".

This molecule is found in all plants and animals and in nearly every cell of your body. In our bodies, it can come from ingested food—synthesized in the gut microbiome or synthesized in cells.” Spermidine is a great tool that is an important part of my own health toolkit as my husband and I get older! 

This may be the first time you are hearing of spermidine, but it’s actually commonplace. “Many foods contain spermidine, such as mushrooms, soybeans, nuts, and wheat germ. However, the spermidine content and foods can vary greatly. The question of bioavailability or absorption through spermidine-rich foods has not yet been clarified”, which is why Dr. Elizabeth likes spermidineLIFE®’s clinically tested supplements. They are confirmed by external laboratories and guaranteed to have a high spermidine content. 

Research has shown that “one of spermidine's biggest and most profound functions, from which other functions stem from, is the ability to counteract aging and promote autophagy, the human body’s ability to break down and recycle unnecessary or damaged cell components. Autophagy helps keep our cells young and protects us from many diseases.” 

How does it do this? It is important to understand that “our bodies are made up of cells. As we age, our cells age as well. When these cells become old or damaged, it can cause buildup of dead or toxic organelle matter in our bodies, potentially leading to age-related disease and injury. Spermidine in our cells optimizes autophagy and cellular renewal.” Studies have also shown that “it can also help regulate various cellular processes,” including: 

  • DNA Stability
  • Cellular growth
  • Cellular differentiation
  • Apoptosis (cellular death as a normal part of growth and development in organisms) 

While science is still learning about the many effects of autophagy, there are a number of benefits associated with the biological process, including:

  • Removing toxic proteins from the cells that may be a cause of some age-related diseases
  • Recycling residual proteins
  • Providing energy and building blocks for cells
  • Promoting regeneration and healthy cells 

For instance, when we are under a lot of stress, we increase the levels of inflammatory molecules in our brain and body, which can result in negative health consequences. One way our bodies respond to this high level of inflammation is to increase autophagy to get rid of the damage, which should help us heal. 

However, if we don’t have normal autophagy, due to too much unmanaged stress, aging, or other underlying processes, then dysfunctional autophagy occurs. This means that the bad cells do not kill themselves off, which can damage the cells around them and affect our ability to heal.  

The great news is that if we can improve autophagy through taking supplements like spermidine, we can help our bodies get rid of these damaged cells and fight inflammation. This, in turn, will help us heal mentally and physically, and will help support healthy bodily functions. 

Recent research has shown that spermidine can even help support healthy cognitive function as we age. According to some studies, “spermidine reduces inflammation factors, increases the formation of memory cells, and triggers the preventive removal of toxic protein aggregates in cells, which may be responsible for neurodegeneration, the cause of dementia and diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”   

Want to try spermidine for yourself or learn more? Visit spermidinelife.us for the latest science and spermidine products available from Longevity Labs and use code LEAF25 at checkout for their 25% off special offer!

For more on cell renewal and healing, listen to my podcast with Dr. Elizabeth (episode #431), and check out the Boulder Longevity Institute  and spermidineLIFE® for more information on cell renewal and spermidine. 

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Podcast Highlights  

3:40 Dr. Elizabeth’s amazing work

5:35, 9:38 What cellular medicine is & why it is so important

7:45 Where even functional medicine falls short 

11:05, 28:45, 47:00 What spermidine is & why it is such an amazing molecule  

14:00, 16:15 Spermidine & mental health 

16:36 Autophagy, stress & how the body reacts to inflammation and damage 

22:00 How to improve autophagy 

33:10 How bad experiences can affect our health
& how spermidine is a tool that can help support better healing  

41:10 Why we need to look at the whole person & ask ourselves what else may be going on 

51:05 Why we need to have a holistic approach to healing the mind, brain & body 

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