The #1 Mindset You Need to Develop to End Your Year Well & Prepare for the New Year

In this podcast (episode #442) and blog, I talk about one of the best ways to improve your mental health and resilience: a possibilities mindset!

First, it is important to understand what a mindset is. It is how we view the world—it generates our perspective, which shapes the way we interact with our environment, that is the choices we make as we respond to what happens to us, and as we choose what to think, say and do. 

Why are mindsets so important? Mindsets direct our perceptions and subsequent actions. When we understand HOW our mind works and how mindsets are formed, we can direct our mind where we want it to go, what structures we want it to build in our brain, and ultimately choose how we want our life to look. Mindsets teach us how to shape our life stories.  

A possibilities mindset means developing a perspective that helps us see possibilities and opportunities to grow and learn amid the ups and downs of life. It teaches us how to dig deep into the wisdom of our nonconscious mind, and find solutions and ways through the challenges we face. It is a mindset that is characterized by perseverance and hope.

We all have a natural optimism bias, which enables us to pursue more than one possibility at a time. This means that we can see the proverbial silver lining surrounding the clouds of life—we can keep hoping, and, indeed, keep living. 

A possibilities mindset helps us recognize that we live in a world of probabilities, with the creative power in our minds that allows us to design the blueprints of all these possibilities. It is a way of viewing the world through the lens of potential-life is not static, and there is always room to learn, grow and change. It is the appreciation of the journey and the destination!

A possibilities mindset doesn’t see attempts as failures. Rather, it sees them as results—the gaining of worthwhile knowledge. It helps us see that what didn’t work is as valuable as what does work. This helps us not let circumstances block our success; instead, they become the fuel for the desire to change. Being able to see the possibilities in the midst of our circumstances is truly a game-changer! 

As you start to train yourself to develop a possibilities mindset, ask yourself the following questions: 

Do you see multiple possibilities in situations? Or do you only see what’s in front of you as it is?
If your plans do not work out, do you get thrown off? Or do you go with the flow?
Can you shift from one possibility to the next easily? When something doesn’t work out, how does this affect you?

Now, looking at your answer. Tell yourself that attempts are not failures; they are results—worthwhile knowledge that has been gained. With this view, change or add to your answers above to identify what you have learned and where can improve. 


1. Deliberately and intentionally look for possibilities in every situation and keep a record of this to track your progress over several weeks.
2. Practice stopping yourself immediately if you catch yourself saying things like “there is no way out”,  “I am a failure” and so on, and reconceptualize this into statements like “I cannot be a failure as I am wired for success!” and “How can I turn this into a possibility to grow and learn?”

You practice this daily to help develop a possibilities mindset. 

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Podcast Highlights 

2:08 What mindsets are & why they are important

6:33 The different types of mindsets

6:40 What a possibilities mindset is & why it is so powerful

15:10 Mindsets & perspectives

18:00, 20:34, 24:33 How to practice a possibilities mindset

This podcast and blog are for educational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice. We always encourage each person to make the decision that seems best for their situation with the guidance of a medical professional.    

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