The benefits of jealousy

In this podcast (#526) and blog, I talk about the benefits of jealousy.

Jealousy is a complex emotion that can have both positive and negative effects. While it's generally considered an uncomfortable or negative emotion, there are situations where jealousy can serve as a signal for self-reflection and growth. 

Here are three potential benefits of jealousy and ways to prevent it from becoming toxic:

1. Indicator of Values and Desires:

Jealousy can highlight what matters to you and what you value. So, when you feel jealous of someone's success, it might signify that you desire similar achievements in your own life. This awareness can motivate you to set goals and work towards them.

2. Opportunity for Self-Reflection: 

Jealousy can prompt introspection about your insecurities and fears. It can serve as a chance to examine why you're feeling jealous and whether there are underlying issues you need to address, such as low self-esteem or unresolved past experiences.

3. Strengthening Relationships:

In some cases, jealousy can lead to open conversations with loved ones. Expressing your feelings of jealousy to a partner or friend can facilitate communication and foster deeper understanding. Healthy discussions can lead to increased trust and the opportunity to work together to address concerns. 

Of course, jealousy can quickly turn toxic if not managed. This is why it is important to explore the “why” behind your feelings, and a great way to do this is using the Neurocycle mind management method, which I discuss in detail in my book Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess and my app Neurocycle. The Neurocycle is a way to harness your thinking power that I have developed and researched over the past three decades. It has 5 steps:  

  1. Gather awareness of how you feel mentally and physically. It's important to recognize and acknowledge your feelings of jealousy without judgment. Denying or suppressing jealousy can lead to internal tension and exacerbate negative emotions!
  2. Reflect on how you feel. Why do you think you feel this way? Communicate openly: if your jealousy involves another person, consider having an open and honest conversation with them. Express your feelings without accusing or blaming, focusing on your emotions rather than placing responsibility on them
  3. Write down your reflections to help organize your thinking.  
  4. Recheck: think about what your thoughts and feelings are trying to tell you. What does it say about how you view the person/situation? What is your antidote—how will you take action to protect your mental health and take control of your story? Look for clues in your writing, then start to reconceptualize the way you are feeling. Focus on using the jealousy for self-improvement: use jealousy as a motivation to improve yourself rather than tearing others down. Channel your energy into personal growth and working towards your own goals. Remember that jealousy is a normal emotion, but it's important to manage it in a way that doesn't harm yourself or your relationships.
  5. Do your active reach. This is a thought or action you need to practice daily to help you reconceptualize what you worked on in the previous steps. What action steps are you going to take? For example, when you are feeling jealous, practice limiting the comparisons you make, as constantly comparing yourself to others can fuel feelings of jealousy. Remind yourself that everyone has their own unique journey, and your path will be different and valuable!

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0:30 What jealousy is

0:55 The benefits of jealousy 

6:00 Jealously as an opportunity for self-reflection 

8:30 How jealousy can lead to better relationships

10:50 How to manage toxic feelings of jealousy   

This podcast and blog are for educational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice. We always encourage each person to make the decision that seems best for their situation with the guidance of a medical professional.

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