Why Happy People Are Annoying with Actor Josh Peck

In this podcast (episode #365) and blog, I talk to actor, comedian, author and podcaster Josh Peck about fame, his incredible new book, the importance of self-esteem, overcoming addiction, and so much more. 

In his new book Happy People Are Annoying , Josh talks about how he had to face life on life’s terms and define what happiness meant to him as a unique individual. He realized that external things like marriage, money, success, drugs, sex, or food will not fill up the “hole in the soul”.  True, lasting peace and comfort come from doing the inner work. As Josh notes, he could not use external things to medicate things deep within himself.

This work is not a one-off event. Mind management is a lifestyle; working on our inner life is something we all need to do every day. Our story doesn’t go away—what happened to us happened to us. But doing the inner work helps change how what happened to us plays out within us, which Josh saw in his own life.  

This inner work is characterized by self-regulation and being aware of how we show up and why. How are we treating the people in our life? What is our mental state right now? Does something need to change? What have we maybe missed that we need? What steps do we need to take to do and be better? This kind of mind management activates our natural resilience and helps us overcome challenges and live our best lives.  

At the same time, it is also important to give our past selves grace. If you battled with something in the past, that is okay. If you are battling with something right now, you are only human! Sometimes the best you can do in the moment is cope and stay alive—you may not have had the mental health knowledge or skills that you have right now. Indeed, we are all learning to do better—we are all on our own unique journeys. 

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Podcast Highlights

3:06 Why Josh wrote his new book Happy People are Annoying  

4:00 Defining your own happiness  

5:20 The dark side of the happiness industry  

7:00 Why external things will not fill up the “hole in the soul” 

7:40 Josh’s childhood struggles  

13:00 How our environment impacts our mental & physical health  

17:10 Addiction, epigenetics & how you “show up” 

21:00 Why mind management is a lifestyle, not a one-off event 

30:00 The importance of awareness & self-regulation  

35:00 Josh’s relationship with his mom

38:40 Josh’s battle with addiction 

48:00 The power of reconceptualization  

This podcast and blog is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. We always encourage each person to make the decision that seems best for their situation with the guidance of a medical professional.     

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