The Perfect You Book & Workbook

The Perfect You Book & Workbook


Includes The Perfect You Book & Workbook ($4.00 savings)

”Who am I? Does anyone out there understand me?"

We all, at one point in our lives, ask ourselves this question. Identity is crucial to a life well-lived; it is the theme of countless books, both classical and modern, fiction and non-fiction. It shapes some of the greatest masterpieces in the world of art, and characterizes the world of education. No two minds are alike—our ability to think, choose and feel is our particular blueprint for identity. 

Your Perfect You is your identity and your purpose. Once you begin to understand your Perfect you and its structure—because truly getting to fully understand your Perfect you is a lifelong journey—you can walk in anticipation and freedom through life, rejoicing despite the circumstances. Finding out who we are at your very core is a journey, and it can be an awe-inspiring one, depending on the attitude we choose!

The UQ (You-Quotient) profile you completed has a threefold purpose: to help you understand how you uniquely think, feel, and choose; to increase your ability to mindfully and deliberately self-regulate; and to help you understand how you think when you are operating in your Perfect You so that you can recognize when you are operating outside of it.

Discomfort zones are zones in our minds and bodies that alert us to when we are stepping out of our Perfect You. They are gracious “prompts” that increase our awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and choices so we can self-regulate them. If we can train ourselves to identify and use the four discomfort zones, we are well on the way to being freed from the chains of toxicity and the fear attitudes they produce and stepping into our Perfect You: the unique way each of us thinks, feels and chooses.