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Black Immigrants, This Is Your Battle Too

By Guest Contributor on Jun 04, 2020

By Fope Adesina As a Nigerian whose parents migrated to Australia, my experience as a black child, then woman, meant that my family and I had to create spaces for our voices to be heard. This was despite the...

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A personal letter from me.

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Jun 03, 2020

Hi friends,  So, in case any of you were wondering if I have been reading some of the comments on my social media platforms—I have. And I really would like to have an honest and open conversation with you gu...

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God Sees Colour

By Guest Contributor on Jun 03, 2020

By Lynne Moses This is something I wrote after seeing the video’s doing its rounds on social media. I am an Indian female living in South Africa. I am a Christian. It saddens me to see all the posts from lea...

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Handcuffed & Humiliated

By Guest Contributor on Jun 03, 2020

By Ebony D. Clement Every fiber of my being is resisting writing this blog. I have busied myself with meaningless tasks because I have a fear of the feelings that may come up and the words that may come out....

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How Money Fuels Police Brutality against People of Color – and How We Can Fight Back

By Guest Contributor on Jun 02, 2020

By Eliezer Ihejirika The last week has been marred by violence and conflict in ways none of us could have ever imagined… …or could we? I witnessed it in the tenth grade, when I was handcuffed at gunpoint by ...

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I don't want to write. I want to RIOT.

By Guest Contributor on Jun 01, 2020

By LaTanya Coleman-Carter  Twitter: @HeyMrsCarter_ The world around me seems to be caving in. I am having stronger than normal emotional reactions to the racism that black people are experiencing. I know whi...

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How to Set Boundaries During Quarantine and the Current Crisis with Dr. Henry Cloud + How to Deal with the Guilt that May Come from Setting Boundaries

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 30, 2020

Right now, we are all dealing with a lot. The world is topsy-turvy, and life just seems so…out of whack. But what do you do if you are dealing with all this, and you are stick at home or in quarantine with s...

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Can I Switch Off My Brain? Being Black In America is Tiring, Even During a Pandemic

By Guest Contributor on May 28, 2020

By Jay Leaf-Clark  For everyone in the world right now, 2020 has become a living nightmare of calamity, isolation, and fear of the unknown. If you’re guessing I’m talking about the impact of Coronavirus, you...

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Practical & Powerful Tips to Ending Mental Illness from Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 27, 2020

Mental health is a hot topic these days, especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the enforced social separation and isolation many of us have experienced over the past several months. Even ...

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Is a Hormonal Imbalance Making You Moody, Anxious, and Overweight? The Hormonal Problem and Solution with Dr. Anna Cabeca, OB-GYN and Hormone Expert

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 23, 2020

We all know that our hormones are important, but did you know that they can impact our mood and mental health as well? In this week’s blog and podcast, I spoke to Dr. Anna Cabeca, an OB-GYN, bestselling auth...

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How to Protect Your Mental Health When Fighting Injustices and Standing Up Against the “Boy’s Club” + Tips on How to Deal with the Loss of a Tribe and Stability with Jen Hatmaker

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 20, 2020

Fighting injustice and living free sounds exciting, but it can come at a great cost. Yet the cost of being inauthentic, of denying who you are and what you believe in, is greater, keeping you in bondage and ...

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How to Learn Faster, Memorize Anything, and Upgrade Your Brain to Become Limitless with Top Brain Coach Jim Kwik

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 17, 2020

Learning can be challenging, but did you know it can also be fun and empowering, taking you places you have never been before and helping you achieve your goals and dreams? In this week’s blog and podcast, I...

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