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Why We Need to Argue More + Tips to Argue Correctly

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Jun 19, 2019

Did you know fighting can be good for your mental health? Arguing can be beneficial for both your health and your relationships, IF done correctly. In this blog I am going to give six points on how to argue, and the mental health benefits of arguing well.

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4 Mental Strategies to Turn Your Worst Day (or Week) Around

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Jun 12, 2019

We all had those days when everything just seems to fall apart. As the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours!” I had one of those yesterday—I just couldn’t catch a break!  But, thankfully, there are way we can protect our mental health during tough times, which can actually make a bad day, or bad week, better! As I discuss on this week’s podcast, whenever I find myself struggling, I use these 4 mental strategies to help me control my thinking and face the challenges at hand:

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How to Deal with a Difficult Person + Tips to Protect Your Mental Health

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Jun 05, 2019

I’m sure you either know someone personally or are related to someone who just seems to keep making the wrong decisions, no matter how much you try to help. I know how frustrating it can be when they just don’t want to listen, and I know annoying it can be when you feel like you are wasting your time! I’ve been there—sometimes you just want to give up! 

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5 Simple and Effective Mental Self-Care Tips Guaranteed to Reduce Anxiety in Your Life and Boost Brain Health: PART 2

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 29, 2019

This week I will continue discussing five more simple and practical mental self-care techniques to keep your brain healthy and reduce anxiety. This is part 2; last week we did part 1 (if you missed last week, you can read the blog and listen to the podcast to catch up).

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5 Simple and Effective Mental Self-Care Tips Guaranteed to Reduce Anxiety in Your Life and Boost Brain Health

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 22, 2019

There are so many things to worry about in life: being a good friend or partner, making time for family, having a meaningful job, raising your children well, making enough money to live comfortably…the list goes on and on. And, of course, all these concerns and fears impact our mental health, which impacts our physical health, which just gives us more things to worry about! 

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How to Deal with Performance Anxiety + Tips to Overcoming Mental Blocks

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 15, 2019

Expectations are a normal part of life. We expect certain things from ourselves and others, and we also have to deal with the expectations of others in our lives, whether at school, home or work. However, too often these expectations become so burdensome that they lead to anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, and mental fatigue. It is therefore so critical that we understand why this happens, and how we can prevent performance anxiety from destroying our mental health. 

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Why We Keep Making the Same Mistakes + Tips to Break Bad Habits

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 09, 2019

Making mistakes means we are human—we all have our bad moments! But what about making the same mistakes over and over again? Why do we keep slipping up, even though we know what we are doing is wrong?

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How to Deal with Social Anxiety

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on May 01, 2019

It is not unusual to feel nervous around strangers, or uneasiness in large groups of people. However, sometimes this nervousness can be downright panic-inducing and debilitating, causing you to avoid social situations, and miss out on opportunities and special moments. Social anxiety is painfully real, but there is a solution!

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People Pleasing: How it Can Damage Your Mental Health and How to Stop

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Apr 24, 2019

As I discuss in this week’s podcast, it is natural to want people to like us—no one wakes up wanting to be shunned or hated. But when does this natural longing turn us into people pleasers? When does our desire to be loved turn toxic, and make us do and say things that are not true to who we are, or who we want to be? 

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Is Overthinking Messing Up Your Mental Health?

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Apr 17, 2019

Do you find yourself overthinking and overanalyzing every situation or something someone said? Perhaps you find yourself getting more and more angry and upset the more you think about it….You just keep replaying scenarios over and over again, whether you are thinking about something that just happened, about to happen or something that happened in the past.You think about all possible outcomes and scenarios, constantly ask yourself “what if…”, and ruminate on what should have happened, what could have happened or what will happen. 

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4 Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Apr 10, 2019

We have all been there: we start a new diet, we are super excited to get our health back on track, and then, several days later, we find that one cheat meal has turned into a cheat week, and the diet has failed miserably.  Even if we do manage to stick with a diet for a while, and get those results that we have been looking for, it can be incredibly hard to keep the weight off, especially when life gets super busy. 

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Why Wellness Fads are Dangerous

By Dr. Caroline Leaf on Apr 03, 2019

It seems like almost every day there is another wellness fad, whether it is a new diet that claims this is this “only” way to eat, a “natural” supplement that will help you lose 10 pounds in 5 days, or a new type of machine that will get rid of all your cellulite. Wellness fads may be extremely popular, but they can also be ineffective and extremely dangerous.

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